In this busy day and age, not everyone will have the time to take care of their relatives. Reasons for this may include time, the lack of expertise or distance. Fortunately, there is a way for you to care for your loved ones even with your absence: Caregiver services. For those in Illinois, search no further for My Angels Homecare is here to provide you the best care in the state. But what does caregiver services do exactly? Is it limited to merely medical care? Here’s a run-through of everything caregiver services can do for you and your loved ones.

What is a Caregiver?

A caregiver can be an unpaid or paid person who is to assist another person who has a disability or is unable to care for themselves with their daily activities. It can be done at either a hospital, the patient’s home or at an assisted living facility.

Who can go for Caregivers?

Caregiver services are not exclusively for the elderly. In fact, all adults over the age of 18 qualify for it. There exist many people with disabilities who definitely need third – party assistance, even when it comes to normal, everyday tasks.

What Are the Duties of a Caregiver?

The job of a caregiver is a delicate one, with your patient as the main focus. Before anything else, it is the patient’s needs that are your priority. But what does a caregiver do? What are the things he or she must do?

Create a Care Plan

No two cases are the same; some patients may be allergic to nuts, while others have special needs. It’s why a thorough interview must be conducted to know what are the special strengths and weaknesses of the patient. The caregiver must also know the full medical history of the patients. Doing both will help the caregiver create a plan that can full accommodate all the needs of the patient.

Plan and Prepare Meals

When it comes to people with illnesses, there are certain ingredients which they cannot eat or must be limited. By creating a food plan, the caregiver is able to know beforehand what must be bought during the grocery run and what must be avoided.


It may sound a bit unusual, but housekeeping is part of the duties and responsibilities of a caregiver. Remember, sometimes a dirty home can worsen the condition of the patient. Basic housekeeping duties include laundry, dishes, waste disposal, and restroom cleaning.

Bathroom Assistance

A bathroom is one area where numerous incidents can happens, such as the patients slipping on the slick floor. In addition, not all patients can enter the bathroom by themselves nor can they bathe on their own. While some may need your full help during their entire bathroom visit, some may require minimal such as getting in and out of the tub after their bath.

Medical Care

One of the primary reasons why a person becomes a caregiver’s charge is due to medical reasons; sometimes a professional is who you need to look after your loved one’s special needs. From administering medication to adjusting the IV drip to adjusting machinery settings to your patient’s needs, these are just some of the duties a caregiver will have to undertake.


Should the patient need to visit the doctor or go to a family affair, it’s up to the caregiver to transport the patient. It is they who shall see to the loading and unloading of the patient as well as maneuvering the vehicle itself if a driver is not around.

Contact Information

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