Elderly Home Care

Not everyone has the time to take care of their relatives. Reasons for this may include time, the lack of expertise or distance. Fortunately, there is a way for you to care for your loved ones without leaving their own home: Home Health Care. If you’re in the Chicago area and are worried if it’s not available for you, let My Angel’s Homecare do the caring for you. But what does it cover? What does Home Health Care do? Here’s a run-through of everything home health care can do for you and your senior citizens.

Types of Homecare

No two homecare plans are the same; each one is different for each patient’s situation. Now, some may think there is only one facet to home health care when in truth, there are numerous. For My Angels Homecare, we gladly offer these services for the convenience of you and your loved ones.

There are times when the doctor has permitted us to head home after a lengthy hospital stay, but still requires us to have medical care even at home. This is where post-operative care comes in. Your caregiver will assist you as you slowly bounce back from the medical problem that caused you to land in the hospital in the first place. When it comes to senior citizens, this is quite vital as their bodies’ systems do not function like back when they were spry, young ones.

We’ve spoken about medical care at home, now let’s go to medical care even while inside the hospital. Not all of us are fortunate to have loved ones who can answer every beck and call while we are confined to a bed inside the hospital. This is where In-Hospital assistance comes in. The caregiver’s job is to be at your side while your recover. Their presence can help remove any loneliness felt by the patient as well as quicken the healing.

With Live In Care, a caregiver is assigned to stay with the patient 24/7. Said caregiver must be provided a room to stay for the duration of the service, whether it is long or short term. Included among his or her duties are meal preparation, basic housework, personal hygiene as well as helping out the patient during their therapy. With elderly patients, doctor’s appointments are expected, which is why should there be any, it the caregiver who shall transport the patient. Should there are appointments such as a check-up, the caregiver is to transport the patient.

Not all need caregiving at all hours, thus the hourly care option. This may occur when the senior citizen’s relatives opt to care for their elderly when they arrive home for work. This can be tailored like the live in care, with instead of just having one caregiver, the patient has several. The schedule can be set anytime during the day.

When Should You Avail of Elder Care?

Whether it be your father, mother or any other relative, you have to acccept everyone gets old; their bodies will no longer be the spry, strong ones that once cared and carried you in your youth. There are certain reasons why you may opt for elderly home care.


Dementia is no joke; it’s a sad reality which numerous children will face. If it’s hard on your, think how much more painful it will be on your elders to know their alert, bright minds are declining? They don’t like it any more than you do. It’s why elderly home care is useful. With somebody to look over your loved one, you can have some peace of mind they’ll be safe and sound while you’re making a living.

Sometimes you think you can do it all by yourself, but then you have other responsibilities such as your job or your family. We assure you, it’s something your senior citizen will want too.


As a child, adult or senior, accidents can happen anytime. With a senior citizen, you need to be more cautious about those accidents as what may seem like a simple slip on the floor can mean a broken hip for them. If this is the case, they will really need extra care as there are bound to be things they normally can do by themselves that they will really need help for, such as going to the bathroom. With elderly home care, they will have all the help they will need and not just from some ordinary person, but from a trained professional.


Let’s say your aged loved one has diabetes; it’s a chronic illness that needs medication along with food monitoring. By availing of home care assistance, you are certain to have a trained professional who can give the medicine on time, create an appropriate meal plan for their illness and assist them should they need anything else such as checking their glucose levels.

Old Age

Simply said and as mentioned earlier, our loved ones no longer have the flexible, limber bodies of yesteryear. Sometimes they will need assistance when it comes to walking or even just eating. With home care on your side, a caregiver will always be there to provide help for your senior citizen. Also, with a caregiver, your loved one will have someone with them to talk to and to bring them to their appointments should they have any.

Contact Information

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