3 Activities that Elderly in Home Care Should Explore

November 08, 2016

As people grow older, certain things become harder to do. You end up losing a step or two or you might notice that your reflexes aren’t as good as they used to be. For some, this means giving up the activities that they used to enjoy. However, don’t fret. Instead, go out and explore new things! Such is the job of dementia caregivers in Chicago ‘ look for new activities that their elderly patients might become passionate about. Some of these activities will help keep aging individuals healthy and fit while some stimulate the mind, improving memory and relieving stress and anxiety. Here are 3 of these activities:

Play Some Music


Music is a form of art that knows no age. With the number of genres present today, absolutely anyone can enjoy musical activities. Music ties into a person’s emotions as it influences the mood. A simple upbeat song can turn around a bad day, influencing people to get up and move to the beat. It’s especially beneficial to the elderly as there are songs that might bring up memories which can brighten up their day. Moreover, music stimulates the mind and encourages socialization between people. It helps take away their worries and prompts them to look back at memorable moments in their lives which can relax them. Learning a simple instrument or song is a good social activity that elders can do to build relationships as well as focus on something besides their current situation.

Enjoy the Outdoors

An elderly individual’s activities should not be limited inside the house. Outdoor activities can be beneficial for their physical and mental health. An early morning stroll around the park will help them remain healthy and fit. They can follow an exercise routine if they want but nothing too strenuous though; a 30-minute to an hour walk is enough to keep the blood pumping throughout the body. An active body has a stronger immune system, so working out is one way to keep aging individuals away from sickness. Fishing is another alternative ‘ an activity that is physical yet not very challenging. Gardening also is a good outdoor activity because it gives the elderly a sense of purpose. Giving them a form of life to care for and be responsible for keeps them both emotionally and mentally engaged.

Make Arts and Crafts


Pottery, drawing, knitting, painting, and even puzzles can be a great solution to the boredom that senior citizens often experience. Working on a project gives them a sense of purpose ‘ an objective to finish ‘ and accomplishing these projects gives them a sense of joy. These can also serve as outlet to express themselves, lay out their emotions and worries on the things they’re making. It also forces their mind to work and concentrate at the task at hand, keeping them mentally active and their mind strong. Finally, it gives the elderly a positive mood and outlook on life, adding in a sense of self-worth especially when they manage to create a work of art on their own. There is a sense of ownership that lifts their spirit and keeps them emotionally balanced.

Staying mentally and physically active is essential for the elderly. This will keep them socially engaged, more focused, and uplift their moods. Aside from removing anxieties and fear, these activities are also good for their health. The body only functions as much as the mind wills it to, so a balance of both mental and physical upkeep and development should be the goal of elderly people and their caregivers.

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