Home Health Care Myths

January 19, 2016

Parents never stop showing their love and care even as their children grow older. In fact, even if you are a grown man or woman now, your parents still care for you as much as they did back when you were in diapers. That is why it is difficult to see them struggle with performing basic tasks. At times, this pushes people to seek out home health care in Chicago or in any other city in the US.

Since it allows elderly people to receive the assistance that they need in the comfort of their own homes, it seems like a good option. Despite this, some people are still doubtful about home health care. Sometimes, this hesitation is influenced by baseless statements that people try to pass off as fact. Let’s check and see if there is any truth to these statements.

Myth No. 1: Caregivers Don’t Care About Their Patients

A home health care agency’s job is to provide assistance to those who need it. This entails dispatching a caregiver to your home to perform a set of requested tasks. It is the caregiver’s responsibility to build a rapport with your loved one and make their encounters comfortable. If this is not the case at all, then your home care agency is failing its duty. In this case, it’s best to look for a different agency.

Myth No. 2: Home Care is Just For Elders Who Have Poor Health

There are cases wherein seniors who are very ill or who just went through a serious operation hire home care for assistance. Despite this, home care does not cater to them alone. There are several agencies who offer services that do not just deal with medical care, they also offer services such as personal care and companionship services. If your father is not sick but is struggling to perform basic tasks around the house, home care will be a big help.

Myth No. 3: Caregivers Abuse and Steal from Their Clients

In every industry, there’s a dishonest employee. This is also the case in the home care industry ‘ which is sad, considering the line of work involved. Despite this, there are still plenty of caregivers who are honest, caring, and hard-working. To avoid hiring the wrong home care worker, ask agencies for background checks. In addition, inquire about the training and monitoring of caregivers.

Myth No. 4: You Don’t Need Home Care if You Have Family Caregivers

You and your siblings might be there to assist your aged mother, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need home care. The truth is, you have your own lives and, probably, your own families to attend to. You cannot dedicate all your time to your parent. Hiring home care ensures that while you and your siblings are out working or spending time with your family, someone is there to assist your mother with her needs.

Myth No. 5: Home Care Service is Inferior to Home Facilities

The training that home caregivers receive is just at par with ‘ if not better than ‘ the training that workers receive in home facilities. Agencies make sure that their caregivers are trained very well especially because they will be on their own in their patient’s homes. Some medical treatments are even performed at home, like intravenous therapy and ventilator.

There is nothing wrong with being cautious, especially with regards to your parents’ health. Despite this, you shouldn’t just believe the things you hear without confirming its validity. Hopefully, this helped erase some, if not all, of your doubts about home health care.

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